My story

I grew up in Youngstown, NY with a deep respect and fascination for the Laurentian Great Lakes and all things water. After a dabbling with interests in sports medicine, and being a professional potter, undergraduate work at CU – Boulder led me back to my passion for water and science. Undergrad degree in tow I worked as an aquatic toxicologist and GIS/RS analyst in the Front Range. Graduate work at Wisconsin – Milwaukee fed my curiosity about the Great Lakes extended my interests in data analysis and management. My projects involved climate change modeling, phytoplankton physiology, riding research vessels in the frigid Lake Michigan, managing an environmental database development effort, and of course GIS/RS. My next job found me in Fairfax, Virginia where I was able to continue with most of my professional interests. The chaos of Greater D.C and a need to be closer to family brought us to Portland, Maine. I am still passionate about all things water, environmental, and spatial and am a strong advocate for Open Source software (for a variety of reasons). I led software development and data management projects for Tetra Tech and focus on things geospatial. I later joined an IT firm in Portland, Maine called Systems Engineering.

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